Why sobu
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Why sobu?

  • Ø every 5th recommendation generates a new customer
  • More traffic
  • Achievement-Based Success
  • Works independently of control functions such as ad blockers or cookies
  • Increases brand awareness – Ø 350 OTS per referral
  • sobu combines the best of referral marketing, affiliates, coupons and cashback
  • Guaranteed data protection

“ sobu – a cool and cheap idea”

Mauro Naglieri

For an online shop like enjoymedia.ch, sobu is interesting and appealing precisely because it can effectively market its original and unconventional gift items at affordable prices via social media channels. Owner Mauro Naglieri is enthusiastic about this online marketing tool.

A funny Disco King dishwashing brush, a tent in the shape of a VW station wagon or a high-quality samurai-style kitchen knife: enjoymedia.ch offers an unusual and very wide range for every budget. "We don't have a set of bearings that we don't have in stock" is their slogan. Since the products are mostly aimed at a young target group and are hard to find in retail, advertising via social media networks is a particularly effective tool for reaching potential new customers.

Profitable promotions

In his market segment, targeted, short-term campaigns are extremely useful and profitable, explains Mauro Naglieri. This is reflected in the increased number of visitors in the days leading up to certain occasions such as Halloween, Christmas or Valentine's Day and can be verified by postings on social networks. "That's why it's important to us to push our products more with sobu on these days," says Mauro Naglieri. To date, enjoymedia.ch has been able to carry out very effective campaigns on Facebook. The joint Halloween campaign was a complete success, as was the Badeball campaign in November.

Excellent cost-benefit ratio

The following example shows how worthwhile and interesting such campaigns are for end customers: Customers receive 10 % commission if one of their Facebook friends buys something from enjoymedia.ch based on their recommendation. Facebook friends also receive a voucher worth CHF 20 if they order something in the online shop on the recommendation of their friend. "One way or the other, we'll win new customers," says Mauro Naglieri. Regardless of the voucher system, Mauro Naglieri praises the low costs of sobus. “Typically, marketing tools require a large initial investment. ” However, this is not the case at all with sobu. The cost-benefit analysis delivers an excellent result. In addition to these short-term promotions, sobu supports and advises its customers through regular inclusion in the newsletter or mention in unaddressed direct mail in IN-Media publications, but also a solid communication partner.

“ Thanks to the joint campaign with sobu, we were able to increase our sales via the sobu platform by 437 % compared to the previous period ”

Oliver Limacher
Managing Director

A fundamental question for any business is how do I market my products in the most valuable and credible way. Put simply: by word of mouth. A far greater challenge is getting customers to recommend each other's products. Using funshop.ch as an example, we have proven that using sobu as a marketing tool can significantly increase sales, traffic and the acquisition of new customers.

In Switzerland, 88% people regularly use the Internet. Almost half of these people regularly use social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter or Instagram. Companies have also recognized this trend and are getting involved in social networks. Almost nine out of ten Swiss companies actively use social networks. Most companies hope that this online presence will improve their marketing communication and improve contact with their customers.

Social media – a sales channel of the future?

The use of social media as a sales channel has great future potential. 78% of purchase decisions (Nielsen study 20 15) are based on recommendations from friends or acquaintances
it. This means word of mouth is the most credible buying tool. sobu is the solution that combines exactly these two worlds – sales and social media. When you use sobu to market your products, digital word of mouth recommendations turn into real sales. Customers have the opportunity to recommend the purchased products on various social networks.

437% sales increase thanks to sobu

Funshop.ch is one of the largest online providers and specialists for costumes and accessories. Special campaigns for events such as Halloween, carnival or Oktoberfest are therefore extremely lucrative and bring results. Social networks have already been used as a platform for several very successful campaigns. The last joint campaign for the carnival also showed that sobu offers enormous added value as a marketing tool. “Thanks to the joint campaign with sobu we were
we were able to increase our sales with the sobu platform by 4 37 % compared to the previous 2016 period!” says Oly Limacher, managing director of funshop.ch.

Along the way, we pride ourselves on being recognized by our work
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