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How sobu Works

Making money while shopping

The idea of word of mouth or recommendation marketing is not new.

What is new, however, is the way in which this is done, namely online and via social networks.

Users advertise users on their social networks and receive a credit as soon as a friend follows the recommendation and buys something.


Start shopping at your favorite stores with an exclusive discount sobu offers.


Share your purchase with your friends and followers, and allow them to benefit from a special discount.


Take advantage of every purchase that your friends make through your referral and get money back directly.

sobu System

We Enable Social Commerce

The Company

sobu Group Ltd. was launched 2016 as independent company previously incubated by Swiss Post. In the same year we were awarded as “Coolest Startup” by the WORLDWEBFORUM in Zurich. In addition to that, sobu was named “top 100 company” on the 2018 Global Startup Exhibition from Startup Grind – the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1,000,000 founders in over 400 cities. Our vision is to revolutionize and sustainably influence the marketing world with our business model got an additional boost. Since then, we have raised our goals.

From You - For You - For Your Customers

The fundamental question of every company is: what is the most valuable and credible sales tool?

The answer is simple: word-of-mouth. The much more complex challenge is the implementation as well as the activation of customers for recommendation. We have the solution for you: sobu (Social Media & Business Network).

We are the new, innovative recommendation platform – a spin-off of Swiss Post – that helps you take marketing on the Internet to the next level. At sobu, we have developed a unique business model that focuses on the most credible of all sellers, the consumer. Following the principle of “Buy-Share-Benefit”, sobu users recommend products they have bought from your online store to their friends via social networks. If a friend follows the recommendation and also buys from your online store, they receive a discount.

The referrer in turn benefits from a commission, the amount of which is determined by you. We take care of the monthly payment of the commission for you. True to our motto “from you – for you – for your customers”, everyone involved benefits. Roland Thiemann, Head of Corporate Marketing at Trusted Shops, on sobus’ market entry in Germany:”We are pleased that with sobu another player is entering the German market, that supports companies and online shoppers as an independent and reliable partner. Like Trusted Shops, sobu offers a business model with real added value, where security and trustworthiness are writ large.”

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Our Team

We have a dynamic and genius team

True to our motto – for you – for all of us, we are committed to a win-win situation for all involved.

Roberto D’Elia CEO & Founder
Roberto has 25 years of marketing experience. He holds a HF degree in business administration and gained brand management experience at Heineken. He developed the idea for sobu while working as Head of Agency Consulting at Swiss Post. In 2016, he prepared the spin-off and founded the company. Roberto is responsible for strategy, business development and finance.
Vijendra Kumar CTO
Vijendra Kumar is CTO of sobu technology, Software engineer holds a master in computer application. With 8+ years of experience working on different projects, his expertise includes project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, development and implementation. Specialties are: Software engineering, Software architecture, Project management, Project deployment are Cloud computing services.
Kucijarov Marko CMO
Marko is a CMO with over 20 years of a experience in marketing , as producer , 3D CGI development and Web Development. Worked on large scale of different projects from full marketing campaigns and different kinds of tv shows and commercials. Specialist in several different levels from programing to 3d CGI and Video and web development. Worked on large number of international company's and VIP persons promotions.


On the road, we are proud to be recognized by our work